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Quick Floral Heart Wreath

Quick Floral Heart Wreath

What I love about this small wreath is that it suggests Valentine's Day, but only until it's over.  Then I can display it right through the Spring season and it will fit in well with my other decor.  The soft peach color of the roses, with the light pink of the dogwood flowers are just enough to remain timeless.

I used a flat piece of Styrofoam to create the heart shape, but feel free to choose a heart form from the local craft store.  I happened to have this on hand.  Right now, most craft stores are having big percentage off sales on spring florals, so take advantage!  This would make a terrific gift too.

Floral Heart Wreath 1

You can download the heart pattern to create a six inch wreath from a flat piece of Styrofoam.  I used a utility knife to cut, after tracing the pattern.



Hot glue a ribbon around the outside of the wreath form.  This ensures a beautiful side view as it peeks through the flowers.  I chose a velvet, pink ribbon to coordinate with flowers.  I used this same ribbon to create a hanger, as shown here.

Floral Heart Wreath 3

I used a piece of the ribbon to create a hanger, which will hide under the flowers.  I space it so that when hung, it will lay beautifully.

Floral Heart Wreath 4

From here, I first plan out where the roses will be placed.  I choose to stick them into the Styrofoam, along with some hot glue to ensure adhesion. 

Floral Heart Wreath 5

From there, I add the dogwood blooms with hot glue to fill in the space.  I add enough that it overflows to cover the base, yet still maintains the subtle heart shape.

Floral Heart Wreath 6.jpg

Hang and enjoy!

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