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Deviled Eggs - Three Ways!

Deviled Eggs - Three Ways!

A fan favorite at every potluck, picnic and party.  Deviled eggs are such an affordable and easy to customize appetizer.

Deviled Eggs 3.jpg

For a recent baby shower, I varied my go to recipe to include some fun options.  Everyone had a different favorite and there wasn't a solid win for any of them . . . so that was the win itself!

Deviled Eggs 2.jpg

Clockwise from top left:  Buffalo Wing, Classic, Dill and Horseradish

I start with my base recipe that is simply two dozen, hard boiled eggs, cut in half with yolks removed.  Yolks are then mashed and combined with 2/3 cup mayonnaise (more if you like them extra creamy) and two tablespoons mustard.

Deviled Eggs 9.jpg

Once combined, I divided the base recipe into four parts.  I reserved one part for the classic recipe that would be simply dressed with paprika and parsley.  Then I added a splash of buffalo sauce to one, a tablespoon of horseradish to another and finally, a tablespoon of chopped dill to the third part.

Deviled Eggs 10.jpg

Combine and pipe into the hard boiled egg whites. 


But wait . . . let's talk about transport.  This is probably the most challenging part of offering to provide deviled eggs for an event.   I found these deviled egg totes on Amazon offered in a two-pack.  What I love is you can take the trays out and use them for other items too.  Once on site, I simply set the trays out and watched the deviled eggs disappear!

Deviled Eggs 5.jpg
Deviled Eggs 7.jpg

Do you have your own variation on the classic deviled egg?  Tell me about it!

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